woensdag 2 april 2014


Okay, so, you're Dutch, and on a German airport. Oh dear, which language do I speak?! Trying my best German, knowing they won't understand and mocking myself, or use English, knowing they won't understand either because well, you know, we're not exactly in the UK... And dutch doesn't even spring to my mind. So I'm here, with all these people I don't know, to whom I don't know what language to speak. Wonderful! xD
But well I guess, I know, thats something I would have to accept as traveller in spe, and it's kind of funny actually, because I'm smiling while writing this, sitting at Weeze airport :)
I was thinking about the USA for a minute, how easy it has to be without those language boundaries. But on the other hand, I would miss out on tons of experiences if I were to live there. So I'm happy to be her. Not being able to talk properly in one language. Travelling.


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