maandag 23 september 2013

Life and live

Sometimes life is difficult and life is hard, it's not a rollercoaster as some will say, it's a climb with constant falling and achieving. You can never know how to react best, or when to think about yourself and when about others. I've thought too much about others and neglected myself and my opinions. For the right reasons (not being judgemental and not reacting without knowing both sides of a stoey) but I've lost myself there, I've got to make it up to myself and make the best of my own life.

Sometimes life just sucks. Talking about things that bother you or about difficulties help, its even proven that it helps. But sometimes you just gotta let it be. Life goes on, always. I'm not some wiseman but I've learned certain things about life. What I hate is when people think they can judge about you and when people go all escalating little things. I am sorry if this post might seem as far from logical as it can be, it probably will cause its very personal. But it needed to be written down (and gladly otherwise I wouldn't have a blog ;))
Love and goodnight,

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