zondag 18 augustus 2013

Back to school, back to business, back to misery

It is definitely time to blog again, I feel like I need it sometimes and it always makes me feel better.
I actually got inspired to write again while watching Awkward (MTV), which is the series my addiction is reaching out to this time. Lots been going on lately and holiday is almost over now. Tomorrow I can start my ultimately depressing but still somehow comforting first school week. After nine weeks you kinde want to get back in touch with everyone and talk, talk, talk. I mean, vacation is fine, but only when it is interesting, and my last three weeks haven't been that actually. Still I'm gonna share the highlights of this holiday :)

As you maybe know, I am a proud member of Scouting Don Bosco Ulestraten and therefore a proud scout. And, of course, we had summer camp. It was a week after my Pinkpop weekend, so the beginning of the holiday was awesome! We went to Hoek van Holland, which is sort of one of the most depressing parts of Holland I have to admit. Camp's theme was "Land, Sea and Sky". So we had some great activities like surfing, kiting, water-skiing, swimming and hiking. Well, attempt to hiking, I fainted after an hour walk because I fell, and it hurt, and felt kind of sick so we went back to camp.
Camp was a wonderful week, as always, I enjoy camping a lot, especially with a great group of friends. It finally let me relax.

Yes, I stayed in the Netherlands during the whole summer. But my parents wanted to stay home and I had already been to Malta and the Canary Island this year, Hollands was fine. As I really wanted to go out for a week, and a very dear friend of me and I wanted to go on a vacation together somewhere at the coastline, we decided to go to Zandvoort. There I had a great, relaxing week. We had a lot, siriously a lot, of good talks and had a great time. We're even planning to go on vacation again with the two of us soon again!

My weeks at home
The remaining weeks I stayed home, got to see some friends, had some sleepovers, went shopping, went swimming, all the standard stuff actually, not very interesting. I also started taking driving lessons, which I am VERY excited about! I really like driving, i don't know why, it's awesome. Just a week ago I past my theory driving exam :). Last week too, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All four of them. It was horrible, it happend four days ago and it still hurts. My left cheek is swollen, luckily not like a hamster, but just a bit, and bruises are beginning to show. Which is very bad because I have to attend school tomorrow...

Well that was my holiday story in a nutshell (how simplistic it may seem) I'm now sort of looking forward to attending school again, a feeling that will be gone in two days but lets not talk about that ;)
Maybe I'll even be blogging more while going back to school. Oh and by the way, it's going to be my final year!!


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