donderdag 4 juli 2013

Keep your friends close

Do you ever wonder about your friends, how you ended up with this particular group of friends, how much they mean to you, if you can really trust all of them?
I do
or well, last couple of months I do.
Nothing major happened, but I spent to much time with a friend and I began to notice that I didn't like being around that person as much as I thought I would. And when I started thinking about our friendship I didn't feel like I wanted to be around that person for a bigger part of my life, not at all.
It's strange, how friends can change us, and manipulate, in some cases without having the intention to do so. Sometimes you just don't fit well enough to be that close.
I think you can count your real friends on just one hand. Think about it, and think about who your real friends are. The ones who will be their for you during the storms, not only in the sunshine. The ones who are worth it for you to be with. The ones you would do (almost) anything for.
I think you can be lucky if you have four of those left. I counted, I got 4.

With Love,

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