woensdag 1 mei 2013

Wonders still exist, miracles still happen

Still in Malta, and it is truly amazing and awesome. Yesterday we went to the firework show in Valetta, I've never seen such great, beautiful and overwhelming fireworks ever! It was like the new year's eve fireworks, but bigger. It just kept going on and on, so beautiful (I think Malta has to much money ;) ) It was an amazing experience.

On top of that we visited the Blue Lagoon at Comino today. I really thought I was dreaming, such clear and light blue water, you could see the bottom, even when it was 3 metres below you (and I guess even more). I Think I started believing in miracles today. Such beauty, that it can still happen in this world. In this world of pollution and everything people do to devastate nature, it can stil happen. It was just perfect.

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