woensdag 29 mei 2013

We are different. You are unique.

Everyone's different. That's what makes us unique. 
Probably not the first time you hear this. I saw a quote today on one of my paintings that said "We weren't born to follow", it's the title of a Bon Jovi song. And it kept bothering me for a while.
I was thinking about being unique and being different after reading it. And I came to this very conclusion:

Each and everyone of us, people living on earth, is unique. We all have different DNA, except for twins but still they grow different. It is for a reason we have. If we were all the same, life would be boring. That too you must have heard once. But I also see it in a different way. If we are to be different, why should we blindly follow each other, follow the so called 'mainstream'. If we were to be mainstream, opinionless and the same, then why do we have all different DNA, then why are we all unique?

We are unique for a reason, it makes us who we are, it makes us pretty. Everyone of us. So use it, be yourself, be the masterpiece that you are bound to be. Think of how complicated you are, think of how wonderful it actually is to be you. And be you. Just be you. If someone doesn't like, shit happens, forget them. You are a masterpiece, just as they are, only in a different way.
Embrace it, love it and always be yourself.


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