vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Song Writing

I just wanted to give you am update about my song writing. I worked again on the 'dark' piece I posted some time ago. This is it:

- Treat me like a child
I turn rebellious and wild
You deserve it, it's your right
to be with me in this fight

I'm gonna drag you into the deep
feel the darkness inside
let you know that it's damn serious
won't give you a chance to hide

I will pour my rage all over you
you ain't deserve my mercy
you'll be drown into my vengeance
let my demons haunt you for me

I keep getting told I'm selfish
when I'm the only one who's not
But now I'll turn away from you
leave you with the
darkness I brought -

Thank you a million times if you have read this! And if so, please react on it, please. I can use all the feedback, criticism or encouragement. You will make me very happy by just giving a little feedback :)
Thanks a lot!

With love from Malta

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