woensdag 22 mei 2013

Please! Don't be judgemental. ever.

Well I gotta tell you something, not just tell, but learn (some people) something.
I hate it when people are being judgemental. And not only in the obvious sense of the word. Not only in the racism sense of the word.
I hate it when people give their opinion about something they don't know the smallest thing about. People being ego and thinking they know everything and thinking they have the right to judge. They don't. In my opinion (beware, I got the same opinion for over 5 years, so my opinion is not some spontaneous kinda thing) people should hear both, or all, sides of a story before judging. They should know about a lot more things before they judge.
Sometimes people tell you something and you can get furious about it right that second they stop talking. Have you ever thought about waiting with your judgement before hearing the other sides of the story? Maybe some people don't seem so good or bad as you thought. Maybe some people just understood things wrong, and while giving the wrong stories, things can escalate. Like really big.
And then situations can get out of control just because people are misunderstanding each other.

Some people actually think I am shy or that I don't have an opinion. I have an opinion, of course I have. But I wait with judging until I think I know enough to give an opinion, or judge. (I don't judge very often, I'm very careful with doing that, that's just me. But I'm sure it would help if more people would be more careful with saying things about others) You can never fully understand how life or certain situations are like for others. You can never fully know what's going on in everyone's head. That's why I'm just careful with giving my opinion. It's not that I don't have one.
It's not that difficult, being non-judgemental. Just keep things for yourself, keep a little more quite. Just try it, try to make yourself a better person. Maybe my advise will help you to.

Don't be judgemental. Wait with giving your opinion. Don't let things escalate. Be your better self.


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