zondag 5 mei 2013

Last day in Malta

Today is already our last day in Malta. Some of us are very okay with going home. I'm not, I'm never. I don't mind going home home this time, we spent 10 days here. But I still find it a pity. This island gives me so much inspiration, so much. That's why I love it so much here, at home I have to search for a long while to get some inspiration (think I'm going to try to find me a beautiful place somewhere around my town). I wrote like three times the amount of what I normally write and I've been blogging alot. But well, everything comes to an end. You can better accept it and be glad that new experiences are added into your life and that you have a home to get back to.

Yesterday we spent a day with private guides :). We met four boys, two if which we knew from two years ago, and they showed us their hometown, Marsascala. It was very nice because you get to see the place in a whole different way. We also talked a lot about the culture here and differences between Malta and the Netherlands. It was a very nice day with a lot of new experiences. Thank you guys!

Today we just woke up late, had breakfast, packed our bags, went for a stroll along the coast and sat there for a while. Now we're cleaning the apartement and doing the dishes, which is aweful because we don't have any hot water. Therefore we're boiling the water and using that, but it goes sooo slow, never thought of how much water goes into a sink! Tonight we're having dinner at Mexican restaurant we went before. And then we can leave tomorrow morning (at 5 o'clock!) with a smile and great memories.

Living the good life,

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