dinsdag 14 mei 2013

*jumps into the air of happiness*

I am sooooo glad I finally got my new shoes! you will probably think, oh god there's another girl that's all hysterical about her new shoes, but these are worth it! A week ago a delivery man came and I just new he had my package. I had to stop myself from hugging him, I waited for over 4 weeks for them so you must understand why I was so happy.
Now, you'll probably be very curious about which shoes I'm talking. I of course got a pair of Converse All Stars! And every All Star-wearer knows what I'm talking about. I can't even imagine my life without it (which sounds very overreacting, but I'm serious, I just love them)
I got the short black ones by the way, they are awesome.

with love (for my shoes!)

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