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Intercamp 2013: strangers who know you, pudding, harpoons and crappy toilets.

Intercamp 2013, Cadier en Keer, The Netherlands

I got back home this morning from a great weekend. My scouting group, so I did, went to an international camp for scouts. It was a weekend with a lot of impressions.


International Camps are the best
There were scouts from America, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and from the Netherlands of course. It was a very nice feeling to be one community, not caring about the difference in language and culture.
(What I noticed was that all foreigners LOVED pudding. We brought one group some pudding and everyone who noticed us was like 'OMG, pudding! We want some!' So what did we learn? Next time, bring more pudding!)

Polish Scouts are awesome
We met a great group from Poland with who we hiked. The coolest thing about Polish scouts, I think, is that they all know the same "camp-songs", and a lot of them play the guitar and also bring the guitar with them. So if two Polish people sit somewhere and start playing, than all Polish scouts come and join them. Like one big family. I wish our scouting group was more like that. I remember one of the songs very well (even though they were all in Polish) it was about a harpoon, and since our 'Polish friends' sang that song for the first time for us, they got the habit to start to sing it and throw grass and plants at us while singing 'Harpoon'. Such a nice memory ;).

Our sweaters are pink
Another funny anecdote, my friend and I never like to wear our actual scouting uniform. It has an ugly colour, the fabric is crappy and it is like over-over-over-oversized. So we decided to make our own 'uniform'. And now we wear a light bubble gum like pink sweater with our name in front and a personal quote/joke on the back. So we were walking with the two of us to our camp site, receiving a lot of attention and curious looks.. of course.. we were pink. So we were walking, and a boy came by and he shouted: 'Hey, Guusje!' And I was like, do I know you? I was completely stunned, because I really didn't know him. But then we realised my name was written on my sweater in like the biggest letters that would fit on it. So that the boy just read my shirt and was being awesome :)

The camp was really great, (except from the crappy toilets) we played games, hiked, sang, danced, talked, laughed, learned Polish, taught Dutch shared pudding and just had 3 days with no worries. Therefore I shall quote from one of my favourite movies:

"Hakuna Matata"

(a tired to dead) Guusje

More information about the camp:

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