zondag 7 april 2013

Pulpit Rock, Norway

Pulpit Rock, Norway
To me, this picture means a lot. It is a picture of, as it's said, the Pulpit rock, Norway. It is a well visited spot in the country, and hopefully one day visited by me to. For me, this picture means more than just a regular picture of Norway, a country I absolutely would love to visit (it is on my bucket list). I used this picture once to depict my longing for independency in one of my paintings, a school project. In this painting we had to paint a self portrait in Cubism. I was not amused by the idea of painting my face (I hate painting or drawing my own face, therefore I really suck in it) and especially not in the Cubism style, a style which I don't understand and which I do not particularly like. So I started thinking about a creative way of depicting myself. I though, I am made of my memories, hopes and dreams, not of my face. So I "shattered" the painting, I drew a lot of lines that created little spaces. And each space got its own meaning. One of them had to depict, as I said, my longing for independency. And I used this photo. The space was painted exactly like this picture, only I replaced the man on top of the rock by several people, holding on to one that wishes to jump, but is held back by the others. I will show you:
It is quite small, but I hope you get the impression.
I will post a picture of the whole painting sometime.

Thanks for reading!


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